miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012


what type of stuffed animal do you prefer more?
Do you like the classical teddybears, dogs, cats, foxes?
Or do you like more abstract/invented creatures?
Do you like stuffed humans, like rag dolls?
I honestly prefer entirely the stuffed animals, be it invented creatures or actual animals. Why? I dont really know. I would say its because animal forms are curious, and whenever I personify or play pretend with them, it gives me this funny sense that animals can talk.
I wonder if the legend is true. Do you, my dear readers, love meeko from pocahontas? Ive read somewhere its really famous among plushophiles. here is the article: http://archive.salon.com/sex/feature/2000/06/19/plushies/

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  1. yeahh pokemones al millon yeahh..!! entons te reto a una Batalla pokemon jajaja yeahh..!! Saludos y buen diseño..!! jejejeje