martes, 10 de abril de 2012

types of collectors

there are different types of plush collectors, as we know. Some belong to the Furry fandom, while others are just  casual collectors. 
Casual collectors: this type collects only to have such toys and contemplate their cuteness, a lot of times they sleep with one plush and have many either stacked on a row, or all in their bed. These people are more common on the furry fandom and sometimes take their plush friend to conventions. they have no sexual interest in the toys.

The conservators: The name I give to them is because these people only keep the plushies from their childhood, buying few, if any, new ones. 

The kinky: This is the type where I belong. We actually have a sexual fetish for plushies and we either keep collecting more, or just keep a certain number. More often we keep buying more and more. It is said, according to wikifurr, that only 1% or less of the furry fandom are those of us who have sex with stuffed animals. While this figure is so small, it doesnt mean it comprises the whole kinky collectors.

This is a made up taxonomy of plush collectors. these three might overlap or combine. You can be a conservator and also a kinky one. Also many of the Kinky type also see their plushes as if they were alive, not in a psychotic way but more like an intimate way of relating to the toy. We have an overactive imagination without touching on the pathological. Some of the Casual collectors also talk to their toys. 

It is rather unfortunate how some plush collectors, or "plushies" for the sake of laziness, throw dirt to the kinky or the ones who use their imagination. they often comment on how they give the "normal" plushies a bad fame, and the kinky ones throw dirt back too and so on. I think we are all one group of a hobbie and need to respect each other in order to get respect from others. after all, arent stuffies full of good vibes and cuteness and peace???

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  1. osito pervertido, saque la mano de ahí o_ó osito malo malo malo!

    jajja :3 amé tu blog Sukolin (me estresa el inglés, así que escribo asi xD)

  2. jajajaj creelo o no, ni me fije en ese detalle xD